The Written Words by Gloria Mason with a Personal Touch

The Written Words by Gloria Mason with a Personal Touch

Gloria Mason


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Writing is Therapy for me. I write about the way I felt and saw things down through the years. The reason I'm writing the Book is because I think my Friends, Family and Church Members were just being nice to me saying my writings were very good and I think the real truth will come from the Public. It also helps me to keep a Promise to God for answering my Prayer. When reading my writings a person can relate to the words on a personal level. I was Blessed to be able to read my Poems to the Church Congregation where AKA(REV. JET) Pastor James E. Turner allowed me to read my Poems. The Year of 1989 I had a Dry Spell. I cried, & cried then I began to Pray. The Lord answered my Prayer. And I started to write again not only Poems but Encouraging words to people, Birthday Cards, Get Well Cards, Baby Shower Cards, Thank You Cards, and also a reminder letter. In 1995 I was expecting a Baby Boy which my Husband and I named Roc-Al Anthony Mason (AKA the RAM) for short. I decided to write a Memory Letter called The RAM Story. I'm so glad God will answer Prayer anytime and anywhere you are. God was preparing me for a lot more writing.