The Philosophy of Sri Chinmoy

The Philosophy of Sri Chinmoy

Love and Transformation

Kusumita P. Pedersen


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This is the first book-length study of the thought of Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007), who became well known during his lifetime as the exponent of a dynamic spirituality of integral transformation, which he set forth in an extensive body of writings in both prose and poetry, mostly in English but also in his native Bengali. He held that all fields of human endeavor can be venues of spiritual transformation when founded in aspiration and contemplative practice. He is noted not only as a spiritual teacher but also as an advocate of peace, a composer and musician, an artist and a sportsman who created innovative programs promoting self-transcendence and understanding between people of all cultures and walks of life. This study of Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy refers to these diverse activities, especially in the biographical first chapter, but is mainly based on his written works. The book’s aim is to give to the reader a straightforward and unembroidered account of Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy. It makes every attempt to allow Sri Chinmoy to speak for himself in his own words, and thus provides ample quotation and draws on his poetic works as much as on his other writings.


Kusumita P. Pedersen:

Kusumita P. Pedersen is professor emerita of religious studies at St. Francis College.