My Heart Lives Here

My Heart Lives Here

Cerisia Ta'Torin


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This is the distraction
of seeing the hurt
that was all mixed up
This is the journey
of finding the freedom
within the open space
A voice
This is the day we met
My heart lives here
— Cerisia Ta’Torin


Cerisia Ta'Torin:
My heart lives here is an emotional book tackling topics that often stay hidden within society. It was my intention to bring awareness to the emotional, psychological and social well-being that can affect people’s lives. This book is a journey that pushes through the pain to discovery. An awareness to accept oneself as whole even with a few broken bits. To love oneself completely. After moving to Cornwall at the age of 16, Cerisia Ta’Torin fell in love with the landscape and the magical coastline where she can be found exploring regularly to gather inspiration. Her days are divided by writing and painting in her cute studio space in Cornwall’s largest creative hub, surrounded by other artists and blissfully raising her three adorable children, two playful dogs, two hilarious Indian runner ducks and a naughty nibbling rabbit.