Monkey Mind Madness

Monkey Mind Madness

Parts 1 and 2

Sharon Dorival


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This book is part of the story of their lives, open to interpretation and critical evaluations by the readers. This is a progressive degenerative disease that most of us can relate to. Come on a journey to experience chaos, humor, bitterness, love, sadness, anger, and sorrow. They have been around all day. We watch from a distance, but we cannot begin to imagine what they are suffering nor the mental anguish. Do some of them get a savage desire to strangle us with their fingers but get frustrated as nothing happens? They walk around like lost souls, and the annoying repeated questions never end. Does it make the onlookers feel stifled, or are they sympathetic to the continuous uncertainty of their state of mind and their need for constant care? They live in their own world that is far from our reality, but it is theirs. The onlookers can live with the pictures the residents have presented to them, or they can imagine their own version of the stories they have heard. The stories presented alters behaviors and perceptions. The characters should not be treated like ghosts. They are timeless creations of the imagination and so more real and consistent than the changeable realities of the staff. Faces are unmasked.