Responsibility in Small Things

Responsibility in Small Things

Route to a Burkina Faso – the Land of the Upright Man

Monde Ndandani


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Aspiring to be upright and honourable: This book is about metaphorical bricks (small things) that make walls of all types of buildings within which people work and live. The figurative walls in the pages of this book are the Noah social types of the holy Bible. Behaviour is the function of character. A well-behaved person, young and old, develops to be a paragon of virtue, a rare species amongst the peoples of this world. Universal and generic good behavior project starts with casual greeting one’s family members in the morning and after intervals of absence from one’s home. Greeting people anywhere should be spontaneous. Children learn being courteous from their homes, same as telling the truth all the time giving lies no space. Hence building average good and steadfast citizenry is the responsibility of each homestead and family. If being sturdy is the essential feature of leadership, then every citizen in any country in the world can have her/his turn to lead.