How to Find Your Next Great Idea

Sam Harrison


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Positioning ideas as the fuel of business success and personal fulfillment, this indispensable resource helps readers find creative fuel by helping them discover insights and develop habits that lead to more and better ideas. Written in a punchy style with easily digestible single-page messages, the book inspires creativity simply through the way it looks and feels, but it is also packed with stories, interviews, quotes, tips, exercises, and real-world examples that show readers how to think outside the box—and then throw away the box. With an emphasis on listening and learning, the book demonstrates the importance of stepping outside of daily ruts and showcases the value of exploration though local and long-distance travel. Additional skills covered include the finding of ideas in nature, learning from one's mistakes, digging beneath the surface, and thinking more positively.


Sam Harrison:

Sam Harrison is a speaker who teaches creativity, writing, and presentation skills classes for brand communicators. He is a former senior vice president of creative services for an S&P 500 firm and has worked with such clients and associates as the National Football League, Major League Baseball, Hallmark, Hasbro, Merrill Lynch, and John Denver Environmental Groups. He is the author of IdeaSelling and ZING!. He lives in Atlanta.